The Shameless Movie Review - Cannes

‘The Shameless’ Review: When Love May Not Be Enough (Cannes)

Any description of The Shameless could make it sound like the most exploitative trash, so it’s stunning to realize that despite the grim setting, the exceptionally troubled characters, and the hopelessness of their situation, that it isn’t. This is a testament to the skill of writer-director (and Bulgarian-American) Konstantin Bojanov, …

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The Atypical Family Series Review

‘The Atypical Family’ Review: The First Six Episodes

The Atypical Family is a South Korean TV series that is streaming weekly on Netflix. It’s a fantasy romance and tells the story of Bok Gwi-ju (Jang Ki-yong) and his family. They used to have incredible superpowers; however, due to chronic diseases brought about by the modern world, they are starting …

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Evil Does Not Exist Movie Review

‘Evil Does Not Exist’ Movie Review: Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Experimental Drama Takes on the Evils of Capitalism

Ryusuke Hamaguchi has never made the same film twice and has always approached each project he takes on with a different lens and perspective on what he did previously. It’s highly apparent just by watching his Oscar-winning feature, Drive My Car, a nearly three-hour-long, slow, and meditative drama, and his latest project, Evil …

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The Second Act Movie Review

‘The Second Act’ Movie Review: A Meta Movie with Hidden Heart (Cannes)

Quentin Dupieux, the director of The Second Act (Le deuxième acte), who was also the writer, cinematographer, and editor of The Second Act, thanks his own brain in the credits. This is entirely what should be expected from Mr. Dupieux, whose works are – and this is meant as an extreme compliment – completely insane. He tends to work …

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Sanjay Leela Bhansali on working with Netflix for Heeramandi – “There’s a different way you consider the audience…”

Acclaimed Indian filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Devdas, Black) just ventured into the digital realm with Netflix’s Heeramandi, marking his inaugural digital endeavor. Released on May 1st, the eight-part period drama series is already a hit and has captivated audiences with its lavishness and visual splendor. We recently had the chance to participate in an …

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One-Percent Warrior Movie Review Tak Sakaguchi

‘One Percent Warrior’ Movie Review: An Uninteresting Meta-Actioner

It’s hard to discuss the nature of One-Percent Warrior without discussing the elephant in the room: Tak Sakaguchi. The film, directed by Yamaguchi Yudai, not only examines the nature of action films but also serves as a self-reflexive examination of Sakaguchi’s own career in the realm of Japanese action cinema, with turns in Ryuhei Kitamura’s Versus, Sion Sono’s Why Don’t …

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Selman Nacar's Hesitation Wound - review

‘Hesitation Wound’ Review: The Clash of the Human and the Corporate

Twenty-four hours in one lawyer’s chaotic personal and professional life comes to a head in Selman Nacar’s sophomore feature. Hesitation Wound (Tereddüt Çizgisi) clocks in under 90 minutes, but the fullness of its action and the richness of its moral dilemmas, characterizations, and performances gives it the weight of many longer features.  Canan …

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Restore Point Movie Review - Glasgow Film Festival

‘Restore Point’ Review: A Sleek Sci-Fi Thriller at Glasgow

The year is 2041, and death before one’s time does not necessarily mean the end of one’s life in Robert Hloz’s sleek sci-fi thriller. Restore Point takes its title from this new technology, managed in a central database in a nondescript metropolis of tarnished chrome (perhaps Prague in the future, though signs of its …

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‘Falling Into Place’ Review: Mental Health Aware Romantic Drama

Love stories often rely on two characters being in the right place at the right time. Falling Into Place – a melancholic slow-burn love story from writer/director Aylin Tezel – follows in the timeless vein of the recent phenomena Normal People and One Day: the meeting of its characters may feel like destiny, but trials of time, …

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How to Have Sex Movie Review - Molly Manning Walker and Mia McKenna - Bruce

‘How to Have Sex’ Captures the Joy and Horror of Being Sixteen

Content warning: How to Have Sex and this review touches on the subjects of sexual assault. Please approach both with caution if this topic is triggering for you.  I heard very little about Molly Manning Walker’s debut film, How to Have Sex, so I went into it without many preconceptions. What I got …

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All Shall Be Well Movie Review - Ray Yeung - Berlinale

‘All Shall Be Well’ Review: Yeung’s film is a rich and satisfying drama on acceptance (Berlinale)

Ray Yeung’s elegant and tender film All Shall Be Well begins with protagonists Angie (Patra Au Ga Man) and Pat (Maggie Li Lin-Lin) existing happily together as an elderly lesbian couple, their bond silent, no unnecessary words spoken between them as they eat, get ready and walk along an autumnal path. They’ve been …

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