Netflix Ripley Series Review

‘Ripley’ Series Review: A Force of Nature

Ripley is the latest adaptation of Talented Mr. Ripley, this time starring Andrew Scott in the lead role; as Tom Ripley, a man who is introduced to Dickie Greenleaf’s leisurely lifestyle and quickly gets under his skin and eventually kills him – taking over his identity in a bid to become Greenleaf. It’s a queer …

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‘Ultraman: Rising’ Review: Pacing Issues Plague the Visually Stunning Movie

When you’re a superhero, it seems like the world is always in danger. Be it villains attempting to take over the world, a comet headed straight to Earth promising global catastrophe, or an Alien race swoops in to establish global dominance. Sounds exhausting if I’m being honest, but I guess …

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Hit Man Movie Review

‘Hit Man’ Cements Glen Powell’s Movie Star Status

In Hit Man, Richard Linklater’s latest film, the beloved director teams up with his star Glen Powell to write a script loosely based on a stranger-than-fiction news feature by legendary Texas Monthly reporter Skip Hollandsworth. It should be stressed that the real story, while remarkably gripping, does not go quite …

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Atlas Movie Review

‘Atlas’ Movie Review: Another Soulless Netflix Action Movie

Netflix has a reputation. There’s no getting around it at this point. They make three things: a bunch of good-to-great TV shows, one or two prestige movies every year, and a boatload of cheap-looking action movies made up of bits and pieces from other, better movies that somehow star A-list actors. Atlas belongs in …

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The Atypical Family Series Review

‘The Atypical Family’ Review: The First Six Episodes

The Atypical Family is a South Korean TV series that is streaming weekly on Netflix. It’s a fantasy romance and tells the story of Bok Gwi-ju (Jang Ki-yong) and his family. They used to have incredible superpowers; however, due to chronic diseases brought about by the modern world, they are starting …

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Bridgerton Season 3 Part 1 Review

‘Bridgerton’ Season 3, Part 1 Review: A Thoughtful Exploration of Love Amid Scandal and Elegance

There’s no doubt that Bridgerton is one of Netflix’s most successful shows and keeps on getting better with each season. The first two seasons captivated audiences with engaging storylines, richly developed characters, and sizzling physical chemistry. Both seasons garnered supremely positive audience and critical reactions and became two of the most-watched shows …

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Unfrosted Movie Review

‘Unfrosted’ Movie Review: A Forgettable and Occasionally Funny Satire

Satirical and meta comedies can be hard to deliver effectively. Classics like Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Truman Show, and the overall work of Mel Brooks revolutionized the concept. Now, those comedies have been ushered in for a new generation. Films like Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Cocaine Bear, and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story took …

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The Moral Complications of Baby Reindeer and Introspective Art

The Moral Complications of ‘Baby Reindeer’ and Introspective Art

It seems you can’t turn a corner at the moment, whether online or in your social circles, without someone mentioning Netflix’s new hit Baby Reindeer, a psychological thriller-cum-dark comedy about a man and his stalker. The show, which chronicles the ‘true’ story of protagonist Donny Dunn (Richard Gadd), a failing comedian …

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Monkey Man Movie Review - Dev Patel

‘Monkey Man’ Movie Review: The Aggressive Stunt Thriller Lands All Its Punches

Dev Patel exploded into global consciousness in Slumdog Millionaire, the 2008 British smash hit that opened the Western world’s eyes to the cinematic possibilities within India. Since then, Mr. Patel’s roles have largely been in Western films with an Indian setting – the two Marigold Hotel movies, the biopic Lion, and a few thrillers. But even in …

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The Tourist Series Season 1 Review - Netflix - Jamie Dornan

‘The Tourist’ Season 1 Review: An Irishman with Amnesia in the Outback

With a compelling story centered around self-discovery, season 1 of The Tourist is the next thing you should put on your watchlist. The Tourist is an Australian thriller series centered around a man (played by Jamie Dornan) who wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. It made the licensing rounds, first premiering on the BBC, …

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3 Body Problem Series Review

‘3 Body Problem’ Series Review: Historical Drama Seamlessly Meets Futuristic Sci-Fi Suspense

DB Weiss and David Benioff became household names with Game of Thrones. The series became one of the greatest TV series of all time and won several accolades, including Emmys. Almost five years later, Weiss and Benioff are back on the small screen with the TV adaptation of 3 Body Problem. The latest Netflix series is based on the …

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To Kill a Tiger Documentary Movie Review

‘To Kill A Tiger’ Documentary’ Review: A Journey of Human Resistance and Justice

Documentaries hold a unique position in the realm of storytelling, possessing an unparalleled ability to captivate and inspire audiences. They have the power of offering an in-depth look into real-life experiences and issues. However, creating a documentary is one of the toughest tasks to do in the entertainment world. Moreover, …

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Bitconned Netflix Movie Review

‘Bitconned’ Review: True Crime Doc Shows the Danger of Get Rich Quick Schemes

oudCryptocurrency has been on the rise in the past few years. With the introduction of Bitcoin and Ethereum, many people are turning to this interesting new currency to get rich quickly. However, with the latest trends and technology, whether AI or cryptocurrency, there’s always a gray area regarding moral standards …

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Avatar the Last Airbender 2024 Series Review

Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ (2024) Review – Heartfelt Yet Heavy-Handed

Avatar: The Last Airbender is the latest animated property to get the live-action treatment from Netflix. There has been some success with this trend, such as Netflix’s adaptation of the anime One Piece, but reimaginings such as this have to work hard to justify their existence, as their animated counterparts are already …

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Netflix's Sixty Minutes Film Review

Review: ‘Sixty Minutes’ Has a Hard Time Making an Impact

Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt) opened the doors for many short but effective action scenes where its protagonist had a set amount of time to get from point A to point B, only for them to be stuck in innumerable (and preposterous) situations that would slow them down. That’s also …

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