Made in Ethiopia Documentary Review

‘Made in Ethiopia’ Review: Documentary Explores Capitalism’s Growth in Rural Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered one of the biggest economies in Africa. It has the sixth-largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It also has a population of approximately one hundred million people, and it has an increasing population density. These factors make the country attractive to international investors. Xinyan Yu & Max Duncan. …

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1-800-On-Her-Own Documentary Review

‘1-800-ON-HER-OWN’ Documentary Review: Ani DiFranco Still Has Something to Say

Inside the entertainment business, industries switch. When we look back at the phonographic market, it is changing. For example, independent artists, a small percentage of the pool then, could live throughout their CD sales and concerts at small gigs. It is a reality that changed completely. Today, streamers’ royalties do …

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they're here documentary review tribeca

‘They’re Here’ Review: An Inventive Documentary That Respects Its Subjects

In the first minutes of They’re Here, we meet Cookie, a sympathetic old lady from New York who enthusiastically talks about her past experiences with Unknown Flying Objects (UFOs). She answers the directors, Daniel Claridge and Pacho Velez, saying she was taken fourteen times, only in her current home. Cookie …

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Driver - Tribeca Documentary Review

‘DRIVER’ Documentary Review: A Compelling Look at Reality for Women Truck Drivers

Wide shots of roads with purplish skies over them. We see that mainly during the sunsets, as Nesa Azimi’s cameras portray. She takes us on a journey throughout the United States railroads and gas stations alongside the female truckers in business. In the first minute of DRIVER, the director introduces …

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