For Love and Life Documentary Review

‘For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign’ Documentary Showcases People’s Tenacity for Living

Survival: A basic instinct that is innate in all animals on Earth. The desire to keep living and pushing ourselves to impossible limits is one of our core motivations, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable forces. It’s this unwavering resilience that makes these stories so inspiring because as humans, …

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Road House Movie Review

‘Road House’ (2024) Movie Review: Doug Liman’s Wannabe Miami Vice

Road House, from director Doug Liman and starring Jake Gyllenhaal is now streaming. Should we compare remakes to the original? This central question guides most film critics when they compare a modernized version of a popular film made decades ago. Some say we shouldn’t hold the original as the only …

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Expats - Interview with creator and showrunner Lulu Wang

Lulu Wang Talks ‘Expats’: A Deep Dive into Cross-Cultural Narratives and the Global Society

In 2019, director Lulu Wang stunned the world with a poignant family drama, The Farewell. The movie showed her directing prowess and gave viewers an idea of how hard-hitting stories can be told with so much elegance. The film won Best Picture at the Independent Spirit Awards and earned Wang all the praise she deserved. People …

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Expats Review - Interview with Rabbani Kaur. Image courtesy of Prime Video.

‘Expats’ Interview with Actress Rabbani Kaur

Lulu Wang’s Expats took everyone by storm and delivered a scintillating finale. The six-part series about three strong women took viewers on a journey about how people deal with grief. Nicole Kidman portrays Margaret in the series, while Ji-young Yoo plays Mercy. Sarayu Blue plays the role of Hilary. However, they are not the only ones with hard-hitting …

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Expats Show Review on Prime Video

Review: ‘Expats’ – Lulu Wang’s Spellbinding Series Perfectly Showcases How Grief and Guilt Changes People

In 2019, Lulu Wang took the world by storm by capturing the complicated dynamics of a family in The Farewell. The poignant story about love, sentiments, and culture went on to touch everyone’s hearts and made Wang a household name. Although the filmmaker showcased her impeccable directing skills with the title above, her latest venture, Expats, is …

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This is a banner for a review of Prime Video's Role Play.

Review: ‘Role Play’ Cuoco and Oyelowo’s film is light on laughs and excitement

True to its name, Role Play is an uninspired affair disguised as something more exciting. Its hybridization of the action and comedy genres has worked plenty of times in the past – Kick-Ass, Spy, Hot Fuzz, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and the 21 Jump Street films to name but a few examples. While they are all focused on …

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This is a banner for an article about the winners from the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards Winners

Barbenheimer dominated the box office in 2023, but the 81st Golden Globe Awards were all about Oppenheimer winning in almost all the major categories. Christopher Nolan’s biographical drama about J. Robert Oppenheimer took home five trophies, including Best Picture. Nolan won his first-ever Best Director accolade for Oppenheimer, while Cillian Murphy took home the Best Actor (Drama) …

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This is a review banner for S2 of Reacher. Image courtesy of Prime Video.

Review: ‘Reacher’ Season 2 has more fists, more fury, and more finesse

Reacher Season 2 returns to screens everywhere this week on Prime Video. Alan Ritchson is back as Jack Reacher, a pure force of nature, and he’s not messing around when it comes to people he cares about being threatened. Reacher season 2 delivers blunt force action and a layered brawny mystery worthy of the iconic Lee …

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Review: ‘Merry Little Batman’ is a Creepy Christmas Caper

Merry Little Batman is the latest film from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Studios. Originally slated for release on the now-renamed HBO Max, the movie will land on Prime Video tomorrow, December 8th. The main character of this holiday adventure is Damian Wayne, who comic readers will know is the son …

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Review: ‘Candy Cane Lane is an Eddie Murphy Holiday Surprise

Candy Cane Lane is the latest original film to hit Prime Video, just in time for the holiday season. While this review is coming out a few days after its release, it is currently #1 on Prime’s Top 10, and honestly, it deserves to have that spot. Is it the greatest …

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Wheel of Time

Rafe Judkins talks to Decider about adapting Wheel of Time

Prime Video made a splashy entrance into the fantasy and adventure genre when they got the rights to adapt Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fourteen-book series for television. Rafe Judkins is the showrunner – otherwise known as the head honcho – for the program. Before getting the Wheel of Time gig, he wrote for Hemlock, Chuck, and …

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