On Becoming a Guinea Fowl Movie Review

‘On Becoming a Guinea Fowl’ Review: An Important and Necessary Movie by Rungano Nyoni (Cannes)

With On Becoming a Guinea Fowl, director and writer Rungano Nyoni returns to Cannes with an exciting sophomore feature after her successful feature film debut with I Am Not a Witch. Nyoni’s latest film competed in the Un Certain Regard section of the festival, where the Zambia-born director won the …

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Grand Tour Movie Review

‘Grand Tour’ Review: A Compulsively Strange Must-See Movie (Cannes)

Miguel Gomes won the Best Director prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for Grand Tour, which he co-wrote with Telmo Churro, Maureen Fazendeiro, and Mariana Ricardo, because it is an impossible film. It’s an epic pan-Asian journey best described as a mash-up of Wisconsin Death Trip and Apocalypse Now, …

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Hit Man Movie Review

‘Hit Man’ Cements Glen Powell’s Movie Star Status

In Hit Man, Richard Linklater’s latest film, the beloved director teams up with his star Glen Powell to write a script loosely based on a stranger-than-fiction news feature by legendary Texas Monthly reporter Skip Hollandsworth. It should be stressed that the real story, while remarkably gripping, does not go quite …

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Emilia Perez Movie Review banner

‘Emilia Pérez’ Review: Four Performances of Note (Cannes)

In an unprecedented move, the Cannes Film Festival jury awarded the Best Actress prize this year to the four actresses of Emilia Pérez – Zoe Saldaña, Selena Gomez, Karla Sofía Gascón and Adriana Paz. This is almost as startling as French writer-director Jacques Audiard making a primarily Spanish-language musical about …

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Anora Movie Review - Cannes

‘Anora’ Review: The Best American Movie So Far This Decade (Cannes)

Other reviews compare Anora to Pretty Woman, but this is a bad mistake. The world has moved on considerably since 1990, and these days, capitalism is now second to oligarchy. Oligarchs are people for whom life is to be lived without consequences because their incredible wealth means anything, or anyone, can be bought. …

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Challengers Movie Review

‘Challengers’ Movie Review: Luca Guadagnino Goes Deep Beyond the Baseline

Challengers was one of the most anticipated films of 2023, but it was postponed to the following year due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. However, the enormous anticipation for Luca Guadagnino’s new movie (Call Me by Your Name, Suspiria, Bones and All) never faded, especially considering it stars one of Hollywood’s biggest young celebrities of today, Zendaya (Dune: …

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Manhunt Series Review

‘Manhunt’ Series Review: Cast Thrills in Gripping Historical Drama

It is likely that 99% of the audience for Manhunt will push play on the first episode knowing roughly how the events play out. Monica Beletsky’s seven-part adaptation uses James L. Swanson’s book of the same name as a rough starting point to chronicle the 12-day search for John Wilkes Booth and his co-conspirators after the …

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Monkey Man Movie Review - Dev Patel

‘Monkey Man’ Movie Review: The Aggressive Stunt Thriller Lands All Its Punches

Dev Patel exploded into global consciousness in Slumdog Millionaire, the 2008 British smash hit that opened the Western world’s eyes to the cinematic possibilities within India. Since then, Mr. Patel’s roles have largely been in Western films with an Indian setting – the two Marigold Hotel movies, the biopic Lion, and a few thrillers. But even in …

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One Life Movie Review - Anthony Hopkins

‘One Life’ Movie Review: Timeless Tribute to Heroism and Humanity

In 2023, we saw a movie based on the Holocaust taking the world by storm. Yes, we are talking about Jonathan Glazer’s haunting masterpiece, The Zone of Interest. It gave a very different perspective about an event that changed the world. Now, months later, we have another project revolving around the Holocaust. James Hawes’ One …

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All Shall Be Well Interview with Ray Yeung

‘All Shall Be Well’ Interview with Ray Yeung

In 2020, Ray Yeung’s film Suk Suk (Twilight’s Kiss) was nominated at the Hong Kong Film Awards, with lead actor Tai-Bo taking home Best Actor. However, due to the pandemic, the film never found international audiences. Now, four years later, Yeung hopes to bring his next feature, All Shall Be Well, to more audiences this time around. The film …

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One Life Movie Review with Anthony Hopkins

‘One Life’ Review: Anthony Hopkins in an Emotionally Satisfying Biopic

Specific true-life stories demand the big-screen cinematic treatment. In some cases, those true stories can go on to earn Academy awards (Braveheart, Schindlers List). In other cases, some films can dishonor those stories’ legacies. Adapting those stories can be some of the most challenging films to make. The story of the …

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2024 Oscars Winners List: ‘Oppenheimer’ Triumphs with 7 Awards; Emma Stone, Cillian Murphy take top acting honors

Christopher Nolan’s biographical epic Oppenheimer dominated the 96th Academy Awards, securing victory in seven categories. The film claimed the coveted title of Best Picture, while Christopher Nolan earned the Best Director award. Cillian Murphy took home the Best Actor, and Robert Downey Jr. received the accolade for Best Supporting Actor. Additionally, Oppenheimer triumphed in technical categories, winning trophies for Cinematography, Film …

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A review of the animated film Robot Dreams, written and directed by Pablo Berger.

‘Robot Dreams’ Review: Simple, Precise, & Profound Visual Storytelling

Isaac Asimov was a Russian science fiction writer who died in the early 1990s. He wrote extensively about the future and discussed AI and robots in many of his stories. Much of his work was written before our modern world of robot vacuum cleaners and self-driving cars, but much of Asimov’s …

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How to Have Sex Movie Review - Molly Manning Walker and Mia McKenna - Bruce

‘How to Have Sex’ Captures the Joy and Horror of Being Sixteen

Content warning: How to Have Sex and this review touches on the subjects of sexual assault. Please approach both with caution if this topic is triggering for you.  I heard very little about Molly Manning Walker’s debut film, How to Have Sex, so I went into it without many preconceptions. What I got …

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How to Have Sex Movie Review - Molly Manning Walker

‘How to Have Sex’ Review: A Quietly Devastating Drama with Mia McKenna-Bruce

Mia McKenna-Bruce Gives a star-making performance in this quietly devastating drama.  The first thirty minutes or so of Molly Manning Walker’s feature directorial debut, How to Have Sex, is highly disorienting. Walker zips through one scene after the next at a breakneck pace as she posits the story as a coming-of-age tale where a group …

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Shoplifters Movie Review - KORE-EDA HIROKAZU

‘Shoplifters’ Review: Kore-eda’s Clear Vision Makes a Remarkable Movie

Shoplifters is a 2018 Japanese language film directed, written, and edited by the amazing Hirokazu Kore-eda. The movie tells the story of a found family that relies on shoplifting to survive a life of poverty.  One thing I love the most about Shoplifters is how it focuses on found families. This family is built …

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About Dry Grasses (Kuru Otlar Üstüne) Review

About Dry Grasses Review: Turkish Character Study Unveiling the Human Soul

Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan has been a force to be reckoned with in Turkish cinema. In 2008, the filmmaker stunned everyone with his film Three Monkeys (Üç Maymun), for which he won the Best Director accolade at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Three years later, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da) made everyone …

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