A Quiet Place - Day One: Movie Review

‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ Review: Where Apocalyptic Horror Meets Inspiring, Thematically Rich Character Arcs

For cinephiles like me, the vast majority of films watched throughout the year don’t need specific reasons to “convince” me to visit the theater or turn on the TV on one of the streaming channels. That said, there’s always a standout element in the movie to be watched that raises …

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Doctor Who: ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ Review – Season 1 Episode 7

Within Doctor Who, ‘two-parters’ have become commonplace, a trademark of 2005’s reboot series. Some are renowned for being fan-favorite episodes – The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances – while some are a lot less beloved; see The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang. But while some don’t hit the heights of others as a …

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The Acolyte Destiny Review

Star Wars: The Acolyte ‘Destiny’ Review – Episode 3

The Acolyte episode three, Destiny, takes things back to the past and the childhood of Mae and Osha and looks at how the tragic incident that consumed their family and separated them, driving them apart – how it happened. It’s brutal; Mae’s rage and anger at Osha betraying their trust to …

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Star Wars - The Acolyte Premiere Review copy

‘The Acolyte’ Premiere Review: A Refreshing Star Wars Conspiracy Thriller

The Acolyte is the latest Star Wars show to arrive on the back of something of a mixed reception for the franchise of late, with underwhelming ventures for Ahsoka and the latest season of The Mandalorian, but with stellar outings for Andor. Thankfully, The Acolyte is more in the Andor …

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Doctor Who Dot and Bubble Review

Doctor Who: ‘Dot and Bubble’ Review – Season 1 Episode 5

Holding a mirror up to society is typical of science fiction. For the last decade or so, it’s been a little less common in Doctor Who, as the show has taken a less allegorical path, with episodes like Rosa, which tackled segregation with a literal Rosa Parks refusing to sit …

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Doctor Who - 73 Yards Review Banner

Doctor Who: ‘73 Yards’ Review – Season 1 Episode 4

For all its mysteries and sci-fi shenanigans, Doctor Who usually has an answer. Whether that is the Bad Wolf arc, references to Torchwood, the scientific mumbo-jumbo that sort-of-but-not-really explains itself. There’s a simplicity to the show in that regard, where you know that answers are coming. That even this current snow ordeal that continues to manifest …

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Constellation Series Review

‘Constellation’ Series Review: A Failed Mission That Never Fully Took Off

Screenwriter Peter Harness enters the world of space in the Apple TV+ original series Constellation. The eight-episode series stars Noomi Rapace in the lead role of Jo, an astronaut who returns to Earth after a failed space mission. James D’Arcy, Jonathan Banks, and twins Rosie and Davina Coleman also star alongside Rapace.  Constellation follows the story of the International Space Station’s troubles after an …

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Doctor Who - The Trickster Theory Season 1

Could The Trickster Be Returning to Doctor Who? (Theory)

Back in the early 2000s, when Russell T Davies revived Doctor Who for a new generation, he became well-known for his intricately placed narrative threads. If you are an avid fan of his original era, Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Vote Saxon, and the planets disappearing will be ingrained in your memory. Little hints that, once …

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Furiosa A Mad Max Saga Movie Review

‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ Movie Review (Cannes)

In the horrible post-apocalyptic future depicted in the Mad Max movies, where people have names like The Octoboss and Toast the Knowing, it was downright revolutionary of Mad Max’s mother to name him Max. In Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, two of the evil sidekicks are named Rictus Erectus (Nathan Jones) and, what …

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Doctor Who - Boom - Season 1 Episode 3

Doctor Who: ‘Boom’ Review – Season 1 Episode 3

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat returns to the show after seven years away with Boom, an episode that feels like a compendium of his best and worst traits. His former episodes include firm fan favorites The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink, both high-concept stories that include deep emotional stakes to those involved. His time as showrunner from …

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Doctor Who - The Devil's Chord - Season 1 Episode 2

Doctor Who: ‘The Devil’s Chord’ Review – Season 1 Episode 2

There is a phrase in pop culture that originates from an episode of Happy Days: jumping the shark. It implies a breakdown between the audience and the content, in which the audience stops being immersed in what is occurring on screen. In The Devil’s Chord, the latest Doctor Who episode, a god-like music thief …

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