Darkness of Man Interview with James Cullen Bressack

‘Darkness of Man’ Interview with Director James Cullen Bressack

Director James Cullen Bressack’s new film, Darkness of Man, is now out on digital. It’s an action thriller that stars Jean-Claude Van Damme along with Kristanna Loken, Emerson Min, and Sticky Fingaz. Darkness of Man is the story of a a washed-up former Interpol operative named Russell Hatch (played by …

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Darkness of Man Interview with Kristanna Loken

‘Darkness of Man’ Kristanna Loken on blending action and emotion

Kristanna Lokken is no stranger to the silver screen, having made a name for herself opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger as the villainess T-X in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Darkness of Man, the latest film from James Cullen Bressack, has the talented actress playing a role opposite another action star …

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The Image of You - Jeff Fisher - Interview 2

‘The Image of You’ Interview with Director Jeff Fisher

The Image of You is a deliciously tense psychological thriller from director Jeff Fisher and screenwriter Chris Sivertson, based on a massively popular book by the same name by Adele Parks. The film features a romance gone sideways, along with nail-biting unease. Actress Sasha Pieterse takes on the dual role of identical twins Anna and Zoe in the movie, …

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The Image of You - Adele Parks MBE - Interview

‘The Image of You’ Interview with Author Adele Parks MBE

The Image of You is a twisty psychological thriller from director Jeff Fisher. It stars Sasha Pieterse as twins Anna and Zoe and Parker Young as Nick. Nestor Carbonell and Mira Sorvino are Anna and Zoe’s parents. In the story, Anna’s head over heels for her new guy, Nick, but her twin sister Zoe’s not so sure. Zoe’s picking …

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The Ted Lasso Relationship Guide by Alise Chaffins - book preview and release date

The Ted Lasso Relationship Guide Has a Cover and Release Date

Ted Lasso, the show developed by TV veteran Bill Lawrence and starring Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt, was exactly the kind of show we needed during the pandemic. As Lasso, Sudeikis’ had endless positivity in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacle. The character turned his college football coaching skills on an English Premiere League soccer team …

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The Fall Guy Interview with Composer Dominic Lewis banner

‘The Fall Guy’ Interview with Composer Dominic Lewis

The Fall Guy is the newest action spectacular from Bullet Train’s David Leitch, and in so many ways, it is a love letter to movies and stunts. Starring Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Winston Duke, the film is a meta look at the physical business behind making movies. A huge part of that is music, and The …

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‘Tracker’ Season 1 Episode 10 Review – Into the Wild (spoilers)

This past Sunday, the latest episode of Tracker with Justin Hartley as the “rewardist” Colter Shaw aired on CBS. Titled Into the Wild and written by Elwood Reid and directed by Larry Teng, this episode took Colter all the way across the country to Idaho. (See you later, Aurora.)  Into the Wild with Tracker This episode was interesting in a …

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White Collar Series Review

‘White Collar’ Series Review: Why You Need to Watch This Matt Bomer Show

It’s been six or seven years (not that we’re counting) since White Collar was on the air on Netflix and ten years since the show finished airing on the USA Network. As of April 1st, the show is back in the streamer’s library. Starring Matt Bomer as debonair former criminal Neal Caffrey and Tim DeKay as …

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Tracker Episode 9 Review

‘Tracker’ Season 1 Episode 9 Review – Aurora (spoilers)

Tracker, the CBS procedural led by Justin Hartley as the rewardist Colter Shaw with a particular set of skills, is back with another episode that just aired.  In episode nine, we’re not in Camden anymore. As predicted last week, this episode of Tracker takes us to Aurora. But Colter Shaw and his Airstream …

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Interview with Raymond St-Jean - Dusk for a Hitman

‘Dusk for a Hitman’ Interview with Raymond St-Jean

Dusk for a Hitman is inspired by the true story of Donald Lavoie, a notorious mob hitman turned informant. It’s a crime drama with a ton of edge. Starring Éric Bruneau, Benoît Gouin, Rose-Marie Perreault, Sylvain Marcel, Simon Landry-Desy, and Joakim Robillard, the film is a tale of loyalty and survival in the dangerous Montreal underworld. Director and …

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Lost Angel Judee Sill Interview - Andy Brown Brian Lindstrom

‘LOST ANGEL: The Genius of Judee Sill’ Interview with Filmmakers Andy Brown & Brian Lindstrom

Judee Sill is the musical icon that time has forgotten. A new documentary from filmmakers Andy Brown and Brian Lindstrom seeks to change that. LOST ANGEL: The Genius of Judee Sill is the definitive history of the female vocalist and musician. Sill was a transformative artist but also had a troubled life that tragically ended too …

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Tracker - Episode 8 - Camden - Review and Recap

‘Tracker’ Season 1 Episode 8 Review – Camden (spoilers)

The 8th episode of the Justin Hartley-led Tracker aired on CBS earlier tonight. Hartley plays Colter Shaw, a “rewardist” who helps find missing people and missing things for the reward money. Shaw has an interesting past thanks to his survivalist dad, who has given him skills that make him really good at his job. With …

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The Gutter Interview with Veronica Bouza

‘The Gutter’ Interview with Cinematographer Veronica Bouza

The Gutter, a bowling comedy from Yassir Lester (Marvel’s Armor Wars) and Isaiah Lester recently had its world premiere at SXSW in Austin. The film stars Shameik Moore, Susan Sarandon, D’Arcy Carden, Jay Ellis, Jackée Harry, and Paul Reiser, just to name a few. Moore plays Walt, a bartender and shoe de-roacher (exactly what you think) at the AlleyCatz bowling alley. Money problems …

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ARCADIAN - Interview with Editor Kristi Shimek

‘Arcadian’ Interview with Editor Kristi Shimek

Kristi Shimek is Arcadian’s editor and one of the people responsible for helping to create the post-apocalyptic tension in director Ben Brewer’s horror thriller. Arcadian is a story of survival, where ferocious creatures that go bump in the night are after a father and his twin boys. The film stars Nicholas Cage as the dad, Paul, with Jaeden Martell and Maxwell …

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Tracker Series Review

‘Tracker’ Review: The First 6 Episodes of the CBS Drama

Tracker is the latest and greatest mystery of the week network show courtesy of CBS. The show stars Justin Hartley in the lead role of Colter Shaw. Tracker is about a man with a particular set of skills (no, not Liam Neeson in Taken), the ability to find people (and things) who are either missing or don’t want …

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Immaculate - Interview with Composer Will Bates

‘Immaculate’ Interview with Composer Will Bates

Immaculate recently premiered at SXSW before coming to theaters all over. The movie, from director Michael Mohan and writer Andrew Lobel, is a psychological horror film years in the making. The idyllic Italian countryside warmly embraces Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney), a woman of deep faith who believes she was saved from death as a child …

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Sleeping Dogs Movie - Russell Crowe - Interview with Writer and Director Adam Cooper

‘Sleeping Dogs’ Interview with Writer and Director Adam Cooper

In Sleeping Dogs, co-written and directed by Adam Cooper, truth is a point of view through the memory of ex-homicide detective Roy Freeman. Academy Award winner Russell Crowe (recently in Land of Bad) stars as Freeman, a man in crisis with a memory that is quite broken. Freeman is a recluse, and his home is …

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French Girl Interview with Nicolas Wright

‘French Girl’ Interview with Writer and Director Nicolas Wright

French Girl, starring Zach Braff, Evelyne Brochu, and Vanessa Hudgens, is a rom-com where love crosses borders. Zach Braff is Gordon Kinski, a love-struck English teacher planning a proposal to his girlfriend Sophie, played by Evelyne Brochu. Things go awry when, instead of being proposed to, Sophie is whisked away to Quebec with a dream job offer …

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