The Acolyte Destiny Review

Star Wars: The Acolyte ‘Destiny’ Review – Episode 3

The Acolyte episode three, Destiny, takes things back to the past and the childhood of Mae and Osha and looks at how the tragic incident that consumed their family and separated them, driving them apart – how it happened. It’s brutal; Mae’s rage and anger at Osha betraying their trust to …

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Star Wars - The Acolyte Premiere Review copy

‘The Acolyte’ Premiere Review: A Refreshing Star Wars Conspiracy Thriller

The Acolyte is the latest Star Wars show to arrive on the back of something of a mixed reception for the franchise of late, with underwhelming ventures for Ahsoka and the latest season of The Mandalorian, but with stellar outings for Andor. Thankfully, The Acolyte is more in the Andor …

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