‘Ultraman: Rising’ Review: Pacing Issues Plague the Visually Stunning Movie

When you’re a superhero, it seems like the world is always in danger. Be it villains attempting to take over the world, a comet headed straight to Earth promising global catastrophe, or an Alien race swoops in to establish global dominance. Sounds exhausting if I’m being honest, but I guess …

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For Love and Life Documentary Review

‘For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign’ Documentary Showcases People’s Tenacity for Living

Survival: A basic instinct that is innate in all animals on Earth. The desire to keep living and pushing ourselves to impossible limits is one of our core motivations, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable forces. It’s this unwavering resilience that makes these stories so inspiring because as humans, …

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Review - Jason Momoa

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Review: A Strong Way to Close Out the DCEU

The DCEU world has been filled with incredible highs and hellish lows. What began as a strong contender in a battle to compete with the MCU, the DCEU rose quickly before crashing and burning just as fast. Some films, such as Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and Birds of Prey, stand as testaments …

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The Color Purple Review

‘The Color Purple’ is a Vibrant Musical About Resilience and Strength (Review)

It’s not every day that you walk away from a movie feeling moved in ways you weren’t expecting when you started it. At least, that’s been the experience for me. However, 2023 was filled with movies that impacted me in ways that I can only begin to describe, which is …

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This is a banner for a review of the move Poor Things, with Emma Stone.

Review: ‘Poor Things’ is Rich in Narrative and Talent

Yorgos Lanthimos has made quite a name for himself in Hollywood. Beginning his career in 2001 with the comedy film, My Best Friend, Lanthimos directed quite a few movies in the Greek film industry before the arrival of 2015’s The Lobster. It was this black comedy-drama film that put him on the global map, with …

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Review: Netflix’s ‘Lift’ Movie Experiences Turbulence but Sticks The Landing

In a family of television and movie lovers, we’re always looking for our next movie or show to binge. While my mother and I tend to go for fantasy or drama, my nephew is always down for the latest action flick, chasing an adrenaline high for bigger and bigger fights …

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