Avatar the Last Airbender 2024 Series Review

Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ (2024) Review – Heartfelt Yet Heavy-Handed

Avatar: The Last Airbender is the latest animated property to get the live-action treatment from Netflix. There has been some success with this trend, such as Netflix’s adaptation of the anime One Piece, but reimaginings such as this have to work hard to justify their existence, as their animated counterparts are already …

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Wicked Little Letters Movie with Olivia Colman Jessie Buckley and Anjana Vasan

‘Wicked Little Letters’ Review: A Decently Entertaining Period Movie

When one thinks of letter writing in the contemporary age, we tend to think of it as a forgotten art form where communicators shared feelings of friendship through the personal means of delivering a handwritten message. Friendship is the last thing contained in the letters of Wicked Little Letters. Instead, we get …

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Avatar The Last Airbender Review

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005): One of the Greatest TV Shows of All Time

Nickelodeon cartoons were a staple of the after-school experience for many kids and families during the late 90s to mid-2000s. From Spongebob Squarepants to Invader Zim, some of the most popular shows ever to spawn from the channel emerged during this period. However, one of these shows stands heads and shoulders above the …

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Shoshana Movie Review

‘Shoshana’ Review: Suspenseful and Intriguing but Lacking in Agency

Michael Winterbottom has one of the most prolific filmographies of any contemporary British filmmaker. From docudrama miniseries like This England to black comedies like Greed to Palme d’Or competing projects like 24 Hour Party People, Winterbottom has shown bold experimentation and a refusal to be bound to one singular approach to media. His latest, the period drama Shoshana, is a …

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Dune: Part Two Movie Review - Zendaya and Chalamet

Dune: Part Two Review: A Spellbinding Follow-Up Full of Action and Subversion

Denis Villeneuve’s much-awaited sequel to 2021’s spi-fi epic, Dune, is the first truly great film of 2024. Dune: Part Two’s scope is awe-inspiring, its pacing is electric, and the themes it explores are suspenseful and thought-provoking. While a faithful adaptation to its behemoth-sized source material, the ways in which it inverts the formula of …

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This is a banner for a review of the animated film Migration.

Review: ‘Migration’ is a breezy comedy with well-meaning messages that sail rather than soar

Illumination has certainly made some colorful entries into the animation canon, namely with the Despicable Me franchise, but it has yet to make anything on par with the best of studios like Pixar, Laika, or Cartoon Saloon. Their most recent effort, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, certainly made money, but it was also …

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This is a banner for a review of Prime Video's Role Play.

Review: ‘Role Play’ Cuoco and Oyelowo’s film is light on laughs and excitement

True to its name, Role Play is an uninspired affair disguised as something more exciting. Its hybridization of the action and comedy genres has worked plenty of times in the past – Kick-Ass, Spy, Hot Fuzz, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and the 21 Jump Street films to name but a few examples. While they are all focused on …

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