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The 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards Winners

Barbenheimer dominated the box office in 2023, but the 81st Golden Globe Awards were all about Oppenheimer winning in almost all the major categories. Christopher Nolan’s biographical drama about J. Robert Oppenheimer took home five trophies, including Best Picture. Nolan won his first-ever Best Director accolade for Oppenheimer, while Cillian Murphy took home the Best Actor (Drama) …

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Jeffrey Wright in a banner image for a review of American Fiction.

Review: ‘American Fiction’ reminds us that stories are more complex than we expect

I live in West Virginia, right in the heart of Appalachia. I love my state, but I don’t always love the way that the people who live here have been portrayed in the media. Poverty porn, like what was featured in both the book and the film Hillbilly Elegy, reduces the …

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Review: ‘Merry Little Batman’ is a Creepy Christmas Caper

Merry Little Batman is the latest film from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Studios. Originally slated for release on the now-renamed HBO Max, the movie will land on Prime Video tomorrow, December 8th. The main character of this holiday adventure is Damian Wayne, who comic readers will know is the son …

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Review: ‘Candy Cane Lane is an Eddie Murphy Holiday Surprise

Candy Cane Lane is the latest original film to hit Prime Video, just in time for the holiday season. While this review is coming out a few days after its release, it is currently #1 on Prime’s Top 10, and honestly, it deserves to have that spot. Is it the greatest …

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Review: ‘Beacon 23’ has an interstellar premise with a lot of promise

A new sci-fi beacon has ignited amongst the stars in the vast expanse of the streaming cosmos. Beacon 23, based on five novels by Hugh Howey, premiered this past weekend with two episodes on MGM+. Set amidst deep space where dark matter is a serious threat, the original series revolves around the enigmatic …

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Saltburn Review

Review: ‘Saltburn’ a spicy dish of a film

The first movie review I ever wrote, the film that inspired me to begin writing reviews almost three years ago, was the directorial debut from Emerald Fennell, Promising Young Woman. Although I go back and read that film review now and cringe (please don’t go read it because it’s not good), it …

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