How to Have Sex Movie Review - Molly Manning Walker and Mia McKenna - Bruce

‘How to Have Sex’ Captures the Joy and Horror of Being Sixteen

Content warning: How to Have Sex and this review touches on the subjects of sexual assault. Please approach both with caution if this topic is triggering for you.  I heard very little about Molly Manning Walker’s debut film, How to Have Sex, so I went into it without many preconceptions. What I got …

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This is an image for a review of David Ayer's film The Beekeper, starring Jason Statham.

Review: ‘The Beekeeper’ is a throwback to 90s action movie fun

The ’90s were the heyday of the action movie. Movies like Simon West’s Con Air, John Woo’s Face/Off, and James Cameron’s True Lies had wholly ridiculous plots that were somehow both fully aware of their absurdity while also being completely serious. It was an art form that felt like it was invented in the ’80s, perfected in …

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Jeffrey Wright in a banner image for a review of American Fiction.

Review: ‘American Fiction’ reminds us that stories are more complex than we expect

I live in West Virginia, right in the heart of Appalachia. I love my state, but I don’t always love the way that the people who live here have been portrayed in the media. Poverty porn, like what was featured in both the book and the film Hillbilly Elegy, reduces the …

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This is a banner for a review of the film A Man Called Otto. Images courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Review: ‘A Man Called Otto’ recognizes that there’s humor in tragedy

As a critic, I try not to pre-judge movies before I watch them, but the truth is, I watch trailers just like everyone else, and it can be challenging to avoid forming some opinions before I see the film. I went into A Man Called Otto with low expectations. I expected it …

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Review: Eli Roth’s ‘Thanksgiving’ is a damn good time

Alise Chaffins reviews Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving.  Here’s the thing about horror comedies: they are either funny or scary, never both. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that if I’m putting on a horror comedy, it’s going to lean one way or the other. Which makes sense. Both horror and comedy rely on the …

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Review: ‘Fingernails’ is a thought experiment in love and certainty

One day, I put on a pair of shoes that were too big so I could run outside to grab the mail. I snagged my big toenail in them, and it tore clean off. So I had a visceral reaction to the premise of Christos Nikou’s recent film Fingernails, which is currently streaming …

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M3GAN Review: Akela Cooper and James Wan bring a fresh take on murder robots

Spoiler alert: yes, the dog dies in M3GAN. That’s not the only casualty in this 2023 horror-comedy, but you can experience the rest for yourself this Halloween on Prime Video. When Cady (Violet McGraw, The Haunting of Hill House) loses her parents in a freak accident, her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams, Get Out) becomes …

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