Knox Goes Away Movie Review - Michael Keaton - Al Pacino

‘Knox Goes Away’ Movie Review: An Exciting Prospect with Middling Results

Michael Keaton has been considered one of the generation’s best (and most popular) actors. Besides his oozing on-screen charisma, he is arguably one of the most likable people in Hollywood. This includes his starring roles in iconic films including but not limited to Batman, Batman Returns, and Beetlejuice. Those films made him a household name that …

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Arthur the King Movie Review Wahlberg

‘Arthur the King’ Review: A Charming Movie with Lots of Heart

Mark Wahlberg, the star of Arthur The King, had numerous peaks and valleys throughout his career. These include highlight performances in films like The Departed (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award) and The Fighter. On the flip side, he has also had many cinematic misfires like Max Payne, The Happening, and some films in the Transformers franchise. In the …

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5 LBS of Pressure Phil Allocco Interview - Movie with Luke Evans, Alex Pettyfer, and Rory Culkin

‘5Lbs of Pressure’ Interview with Writer & Director Phil Allocco

5Lbs of Pressure, the newest film from writer and director Phil Allocco, showcases a dangerous world where people live between the cracks of society. Starring Luke Evans, Rory Culkin, Alex Pettyfer, Stephanie Leonidas and Rudy Pankow, the film is 15 years in the making and is so worth the wait. In the movie, …

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Review: ‘Silent Night’ is a brutal operatic revenge tale

Gimmicks. In the dire modern state of cinema, you’re gonna need one to get a movie made. At least if you’re not based on valuable intellectual property. It’s sad when an action film needs a hook beyond Hong Kong filmmaking legend John Woo directing. Even so, Silent Night, his first Hollywood film in …

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‘How the Gringo Stole Christmas’ interview with director Angel Gracia

How the Gringo Stole Christmas is a new Christmas comedy starring George Lopez and directed by Angel Gracia. It’s heartwarming, hilarious, and seriously a joy to watch. The movie is about a young woman, Claudia (Emily Tosta), who brings her very American boyfriend, Leif (Jack Kilmer), home for her Mexican father’s (George Lopez) traditional Christmas. It’s got The George Lopez …

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