‘The Fall Guy’ Brings the Action and the Romance

Ryan Gosling can do no wrong when picking roles, as each film he stars in becomes something special. From comedies such as Crazy, Stupid, Love, and The Nice Guys to more dramatic roles such as in Lars and the Real GirlThe Notebook, and La La Land, every film is memorable, mainly due to his acting. With a slew of nominations for his work to his name, Gosling is at the top of his career due to the success and accolades for his portrayal of Ken in last summer’s box office smash, Barbie. Not one to rest on his laurels, the actor returns with a new action-comedy, The Fall Guy.

Directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2John WickBullet Train) and written by Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw), The Fall Guy, which is based on the 1980s series of the same name, heavily emphasizes stunts and laughs. Self-referential and poking fun at the ridiculousness of creating a piece of cinema, this film is ready to blow audiences’ minds with jaw-dropping stunts and a story that has something for everyone. Joining Gosling are Emily BluntAaron Taylor-JohnsonHannah WaddinghamTeresa Palmer, and Winston Duke

If you haven’t seen it alreadyThe Fall Guy should be at the top of your list for theater experiences. It’s a film that most definitely needs to be seen on the big screen. Want to know more about what you can expect from this film? Continue for more information about The Fall Guy!

[Note: Spoilers from The Fall Guy are below.]

Colt gets back in the game in The Fall Guy

Colt Seavers (Gosling) is a stunt worker in Hollywood and pretty fantastic at his job. He doesn’t exhibit fear and is down for about anything, making him the ideal stunt double for Tom Ryder (Taylor-Johnson). Like the actor who plays him, Colt is at the top of his game, but an accident on set changes everything, causing him to become severely injured and walk away from everything. No more stunts, no more Hollywood, and most importantly, no more Jody (Blunt), his girlfriend who works as a camerawoman in many of the same films. 

He’s broken, both physically and mentally, a shadow of his former self. Working as a valet at a Mexican restaurant, he’s almost entirely unrecognizable. He’s undergone the worst transformation in the 18 months since the accident but seems content with his newfound life without the stress of Hollywood beating down on him. However, when he’s contacted by Gail Meyer (Waddingham), a producer on a film and Tom’s manager to boot, he’s thrust back into that world he had walked away from.

What drew him back in, you ask? The promise of a reunion with his ex-girlfriend Jody, of course. Gail tells Colt that Jody, the director of this new film, asked for him directly. Who is he to say no to such a request? So off he is to Sydney, Australia, to get the girl and make an epic sci-fi film! What could go wrong?

For starters, you could end up working on a film with your ex, who isn’t expecting you to be there. Talk about awkward…but more importantly, Colt finds himself involved in a case of a missing person. That person is the star of the film, Tom. Can he, along with the help of Jody and best friend Dan (Winston Duke), find Tom before the studio notices he’s gone? Or is this the end of Jody’s directorial career before it’s even started?

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy - Movie Review
Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy. Image courtesy of Universal.

Exciting action, hilarious moments, and some romance make this Universal film fun

For a few reasons, I was nervous about how those involved in the film would approach The Fall Guy. Most film adaptations of older television shows never live up to the hype. I understand that studios want to cash in on the nostalgia of these beloved shows, but somewhere from television to the silver screen, something gets lost in translation. BewitchedThe A-Team, and Get Smart are just some examples, and I could easily go on, but I’m sure you get the idea. So there’s a lot of pressure from past experiences with these adaptations to finally get one right.

Also, I’ve noticed that in films directed by past stunt performers/coordinators, there’s a significant emphasis on the action, and the story itself can be lacking. I have a problem with action films, where the action is absolutely out of this world, but the story doesn’t flow right or is sidelined almost entirely for the former. I love action as much as the next person, but I need a story that is on par with it; otherwise, it’s a beautiful package with no real substance.

The Fall Guy Balances Action and Story

That being saidThe Fall Guy perfectly balances the action and the story. The film’s narrative is strong, providing a mystery for audience members to solve amongst the large dose of comedy and a healthy amount of romance. For some, The Fall Guy could feel like it’s attempting to do too much with the amount of storylines it’s trying to balance. However, it does provide enough time for each one and offers satisfying conclusions to most. I’d even argue in a film titled The Fall Guy, the stunts are the least important aspect, which is saying a lot as they are a large part of the movie.

I became emotionally invested in the characters and storylines, which was enjoyable overall. The performances from Gosling and Blunt were fantastic and would be one of the biggest reasons I would see this film again. That isn’t to say everyone else doesn’t add to this film as they do. There isn’t a single character or role that didn’t add to this movie perfectly, creating one of the better action comedies I’ve seen in recent years.

Pacing problems plague the movie

While this film is excellent, that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems, with the biggest one in The Fall Guy being some pacing issues. Throughout the film, the writers and director poke fun at the process of making an action movie, with plenty of the gags being self-referential bits. Many of them hit the mark, causing me to laugh so hard I cried, but others created some pacing issues for The Fall Guy.

One in particular that stands out is a gag about using split screens in a film. The moment is placed in a rather intense scene to cut it with a bit of humor. It did for the first minute, causing most of the audience to laugh. However, the longer the bit went on, the less I and those around me seemed to appreciate it. It stopped the film’s flow, bringing it to a grinding halt. This is just one example of this problem throughout the film, as the pace is disrupted quite a few times.

Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy - Movie Review
Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy. Image courtesy of Universal.

Final thoughts on The Fall Guy

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Fall Guy, engaging with the characters and stories. The action and jokes are superb, creating a film that is enjoyable for all who see it. There are some pacing issues, but none are so uncomfortable that I couldn’t enjoy the movie. However, I wish some gags had been shortened or removed to help the film’s flow. The Fall Guy is definitely a film that needs to be experienced on the big screen, where the incredible stunts and fantastic action sequences can be seen in all their glory. 

The Fall Guy is now in theaters.

Learn more about the movie, including how to get tickets, at the official website. 

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