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Review: ‘True Detective: Night Country’ – Foster & Reis revive the franchise with a spine-chilling horror story

In 2014, HBO stunned everyone with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson’s epic crime thriller True Detective. Apart from winning several awards, the series became a scintillating hit among viewers. However, the series failed to mesmerize viewers with the subsequent two entries in the anthology, and people asked whether this show should continue. Considering everything, there’s …

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Scavengers Reign proves we’re in a new golden age of animation

Scavengers Reign, now streaming in full on MAX, helps solidify that we’re living in the best timeline for grown-up animation. It’s beautiful and bizarre, alien and fantastical, and oh-so-human at the same time. The show follows survivors from the Demeter, a spaceship shipwrecked in space, as they navigate the treacherous …

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