‘Tracker’ Season 1 Episode 10 Review – Into the Wild (spoilers)

This past Sunday, the latest episode of Tracker with Justin Hartley as the “rewardist” Colter Shaw aired on CBS. Titled Into the Wild and written by Elwood Reid and directed by Larry Teng, this episode took Colter all the way across the country to Idaho. (See you later, Aurora.)  Into the Wild with Tracker This episode was interesting in a …

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Tracker Episode 9 Review

‘Tracker’ Season 1 Episode 9 Review – Aurora (spoilers)

Tracker, the CBS procedural led by Justin Hartley as the rewardist Colter Shaw with a particular set of skills, is back with another episode that just aired.  In episode nine, we’re not in Camden anymore. As predicted last week, this episode of Tracker takes us to Aurora. But Colter Shaw and his Airstream …

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Tracker - Episode 8 - Camden - Review and Recap

‘Tracker’ Season 1 Episode 8 Review – Camden (spoilers)

The 8th episode of the Justin Hartley-led Tracker aired on CBS earlier tonight. Hartley plays Colter Shaw, a “rewardist” who helps find missing people and missing things for the reward money. Shaw has an interesting past thanks to his survivalist dad, who has given him skills that make him really good at his job. With …

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Tracker Series Review

‘Tracker’ Review: The First 6 Episodes of the CBS Drama

Tracker is the latest and greatest mystery of the week network show courtesy of CBS. The show stars Justin Hartley in the lead role of Colter Shaw. Tracker is about a man with a particular set of skills (no, not Liam Neeson in Taken), the ability to find people (and things) who are either missing or don’t want …

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