Doctor Who’s Whoniverse Scripts are Now Online Thanks to the BBC

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, then you know how difficult it is to be able to read certain already-produced scripts to hone your craft. Some titles seem to be locked up in vaults. The BBC Writers Room just made life easier for emerging writers who are also sci-fi fans. The Whoniverse script library, including all the recent Doctor Who Specials, is now available on their website. That means there are over 200 screenplays free to read. (Allons-y!) So, to find out just how Russell T Davies reintroduced The Doctor and Donna on the page in Doctor Who Special 1: The Star Beast, the BBC Writers Room has you covered.

Why are the Whoniverse scripts a big deal?

There are a lot of sources for scripts out there, and some are better than others. Traditionally, early in the year, the screenplays for all the screenwriting contenders for the Academy Awards are released via Deadline or one of the FYC sites. If you’re a feature writer, this is great because you get to learn from the best in the world. And one of the ways to get better as a writer, besides writing and making stuff, is to read more scripts. 

Television is an entirely different beast, and not one imprisoned in Krop Tor. Early career TV writers are often at the mercy of more seasoned scribblers who have put their work product to share for mentoring purposes. There are some very kind professionals who have shared goldmines of knowledge including series bibles via social media and the TV Writing Google Page.

But those exist at the mercy of the studios and the powers that be Early career writers who may not be in LA or London yet are often physically limited by their ability to get to California and the Writer’s Guild Library. If you’re dreaming of a career in Tinseltown but stuck in Aldbourne or Bristol, that could seriously dampen your writing prospects. It’s not exactly accessible for everyone. Enter the BBC Writers Room. It is a fantastic and officially sanctioned resource, not only if you like Doctor Who. Father Brown, Killing Eve, and so much more are also there. 

David Tennant as The Doctor in Doctor Who Special 2: Wild Blue Yonder. Image courtesy of Disney+.
David Tennant as The Doctor in Doctor Who Special 2: Wild Blue Yonder. Image courtesy of Disney+.

Are all of the Doctor Who scripts in the BBC Writers Room?

Although the updated online Whoniverse library has over 200 scripts, some still need to be added. Users on Twitter/X rightly noticed that episodes from series 1, series 7, and series 8 weren’t there. (Sorry, Christopher Eccleston fans.) According to the social media team, they are “still trying to track down some of the scripts and will add them” if they can. Just like the 11th Doctor, we are, and always will be, optimists and are keeping our fingers crossed for these far-flung hopes. 

Where to start with the Doctor Who scripts?

Much like figuring out where to start with Doctor Who, figuring out where to start with the screenplays themselves is understandably intimidating. There are 875 episodes, and you could spend the adventure of a lifetime trying to get through it all. (Star Trek fans know this very well.) Fortunately, we’ve isolated a few from classic and new episodes (with Doctors galore) worth checking out.

  • Doctor Who 2023 Special 1 – The Star Beast
  • Doctor Who 2023 Special 3 – The Giggle
  • Doctor Who 2023 Christmas Special – The Church on Ruby Road
  • Doctor Who Series 11 – Episode 3 – Rosa
  • Doctor Who Series 3 – Episode 3 – Gridlock
  • Doctor Who Series 12 – Episode 5 – Fugitive of the Judoon

What are your thoughts on the Whoniverse scripts?

Check out all the available Whoniverse scripts at the BBC Writers Room. What do you think of this Doctor Who development? Are there any scripts missing from the BBC collection that you’d love to see online? Connect with us on X @MoviesWeTexted to let us know. 

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