Some thoughts on the recent Paw Patrol movie

If you’re a parent of young children, you’ve probably heard of the Paw Patrol Movie. Along with Disney+s Bluey, the animated show about superhero pups is one of those rare kids’ shows that have broken through to the world of grown-up entertainment. The Nickelodeon show follows a group of dogs as they protect and help the community in Adventure Bay. A dastardly villain named Mayor Humdinger commands a team of, naturally, cats to do his bidding and interfere with the pups’ efforts to do good. 

The movie is an extension of that – the pups head to Adventure City. Humdinger has become mayor of the metropolis and is up to no good. The pups encounter a new pup named Liberty and face very scary animal control. The movie is sweet and totally appealing to the rated G audience. 

I’m one of those parents whose family had a countdown until release day. This post isn’t a review of the movie, but it was a massive hit with the preschool demographic in my household. Two things about the film stood out, and I wanted to highlight them. The first is the intelligent release strategy employed by Paramount+. The second involves neat tie-ins that parents will appreciate for their budget-friendliness. 

A smart release strategy

The pandemic is ongoing, and many families and patrons have yet to return to movie theaters. (The last movie we saw in theaters, for example, was Frozen 2.) That’s obviously hurt the box office of recent films. The Paw Patrol movie came out on August 20th and was available in theaters and at home. That means families have the luxury of watching it without dealing with the hassle of a movie theater while things are still not back to normal. 

Another advantage to releasing the movie on Paramount+ is the rewatchability factor. Kids often tune into a favorite show repeatedly because it makes them laugh or is comforting. Subscribing to Paramount+ is a no-brainer for parents – the value proposition is easy to understand. The kids can watch the movie over and over again as many times as they want.

A cute movie tie-in

Paw Patrol folks are outstanding with merchandising and tie-ins. If you have kids, you can attest to that fact. Entire aisles of stores like Target are dedicated to the new and improved vehicles or towers. And freecycle and yard sale style Facebook groups often feature parents trying to offload pups their kid has outgrown. There are a lot of moments in this new movie that could be called blatant advertising. There are tons of close-up and drawn-out sounds emphasizing new pup tech. 

All those action figures and other toys can add up fast. But there’s a fun alternative to get the flavor of the new Paw Patrol movie without breaking the bank. Waze, the maps and directions app, offers a custom Paw Patrol voice set for a limited time. Instead of the generic voice announcing your left turn, you can hear from Chase or Skye. It’s cute, and kids will get a kick out of it. 

You can watch the Paw Patrol movienow on Paramount+, whichever way you tune into your streaming media. 

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