This is a banner for the 20 best movies of 2023, including many of the winners from the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The 25 best movies of 2023 – from ‘The Killer’ to ‘Oppenheimer’

2023 has been a phenomenal year for movies. From big studio blockbusters to extraordinary indie movies, this year has seen brave new voices taking center stage. If movies like Barbie and Oppenheimer encouraged movie-goers to go to cinema halls in large numbers, small-budget gems such as Past Lives, The Holdovers, and Talk to Me turned out to …

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Review: ‘All of Us Strangers’ is a quiet and surreal romance that’s one of the year’s finest films

A new film from Andrew Haigh called All of Us Strangers from Searchlight Pictures is headed to theaters next month. When it comes to gay and queer representation on film, you’ll find the opinions vary wildly on who should be able to represent these characters on the screen. While some advocates for the …

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